Connie Rand    Fine Artist

This is a large painting, acrylic on canvas (24" x 36"). The two moose are both mature bulls with newly-polished antlers, and they are spoiling for a fight. If they were not in the water, they would already be escalating their conflict. For now they're displaying their antlers to each other to see if one or the other will back down. The painting will be called

"I was here first!"

Connie always has something new in the works!


Here are a few paintings in progress. These images will be updated periodically, and new photos added from time to time.

These yearling moose have just been given the bum's rush by their mothers, who are expecting new calves. The youngsters are figuring out how to take care of themselves.

The Knife Edge trail on Mount Katahdin is a spectacular climb along the spine of a narrow ridge. The trail is difficult, but offers some beautiful views. The boulders form some interesting patterns.

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